August 29th Sheriff's Notice regarding re-entry to Island after a Hurricane

Sheriff's Notice regarding re-entry to the Island after a Hurricane

SLC plans to initiate charging for Reclaimed Water 

Presidents Council Members:

At the last President Council (PC) meeting, Charles Grande gave an update on St Lucie County’s (SLC) plans to initiate charging for reclaimed water.  As you know, the PC is questioning this action.  The board has been researching County records and other documents to confirm the agreements made at the time the SHI sewer plant was built.

We have met with the PC attorney, Jane Cornett, to seek her counsel.  Fortunately Jane has considerable knowledge of the sewer plant and people who were involved in the planning process.  We also met with Dan McIntyre, SLC attorney, to gain his perspective, since he was involved during the implementation of the plant. Meetings with the Commissioners will be scheduled prior to the planned BOCC meeting on June 4th.

Your help is needed if we want to gain more information to influence the Commissioners’ decision.

· Review your Association’s contracts/agreements with the County at the time the plant was built (1990’s).

· Identify anyone who was on the island during that time who may have attended meetings or heard the County’s presentations on the sewer plant and any commitments made to homeowners.

· Some of the Associations have calculated the annual cost, if the County were to begin charging for reclaimed water.  You can request the usage numbers for your Association from the County.  

Please forward your Association’s potential cost to

PC has requested that the Commissioners delay the discussion on reclaimed water until September/October time frame to allow more time to continue the research.  We look forward to obtaining any information from PC members to help in this effort and will keep you informed of the progress.  (The website will also be updated, as needed.

Presidents Council members need to take action to ensure that our interests are heard at the County. Provide your support to the PC Board as issues impacting Hutchinson Island are addressed.  Forward this message to all of your Association owners.

Reclaimed Water Charges from SLC.  As you are aware, at the SLC Board of Commissions meeting (SLC-BOCC) on April 16th, the Commissioners deferred discussion on the staffs’ recommendation to implement charging, previously exempt South Hutchinson Island homeowners, for reclaimed water.  The PC Board maintains there is an agreement that provided reclaimed water at no charge to the properties originally served by the water treatment plant.  Public records are being reviewed to identify and confirm agreements made when the South Hutchinson Island sewer plant was established.  Based upon the initial review, a subsequent request has been submitted.  The Commissioners will meet again on June 4th at 6pm to make a decision on proceeding with implementing the charges.  

What do homeowners need to do?

Call, write, ATTEND the SLC BOCC meeting June 4, 2019 at 6:00pm (2300 Virginia Ave., Ft Pierce) to    demonstrate your interest and concern.

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Updates from the Board:   

Meeting minutes are available to members by request. Please email: pcofhi  @